Hey Everyone!
I’ve recently started putting together some ideas for a sleeve I want to get and i’m getting pretty stoked. the general idea behind it is I want to get something representative/iconic from every country that i’ve been to so far and add to it over time and possibly start on a second sleeve as I travel more..

I still have alot of planning to do but i’d really appreciate any ideas/thoughts that you all might have 🙂 This is what i’ve come up with so far… but feel free to add anything that comes to mind even if i’ve already got ideas down already

Australia: Gum Leaves, Boomerang, Koala, Kangaroo,
Czech Republic:
Fiji: Tribal Warrior
France: Eiffel Tower, Croissant, Beret,
Germany: Giant Pretzel, Stein,
Ireland: Shamrock, Pot of Gold, leprechaun
Italy: Venetian mask, Colosseum,
The Netherlands: Clogs, Windmill, Tulips.
Portugal: Port Wine,
Scotland: Bagpipes,
Spain: Bull, Matador
Sweden: Dala Horse
Switzerland: Swiss Army Knife, Cuckoo Clock
United Arab Emirates: Burj Khalifa,
United Kingdom: Big Ben, Tube/Underground Logo, Double Decker Bus, Stonehenge
Vatican City: Mitre,

Thanks! 🙂


That is a hard one there is a bunch of countries on your list that at least for me don’t have anything that they are known for. Think hard about what stood out to you about that country. The most importaint part would be who you have do the tattoo.


The only problem I would have is how completely different all of those things are and trying to put them all together composition wise to build a nicely flowing sleeve would be tough putting a koala bear next to Big Ben for example would (to me) look kind of odd! lol


Cheers for the reply’s!

Yeah Buttwheat It’s been pretty hard to come up with some of the countries which is why I was hopeing for some help from any locals who might live in those places haha

Hmm, Yeah I do see what you’re saying there Kittykat.. It would be hard to blend it all together and probably wouldn’t make alot of sense to most people who are passing by haha


Imean I wouldn’t be so bothered about it making sense to other people, I don’t particularly give a shit what other people think, but, to me personally, that amount of different things, a warrior some british monuments and some wine? or whatever it runs the risk of looking like an unplanned mishmash of shite lol but then im a control freak so that wholesleeve of random shit thing just makes me shudder, it could be exactly what you were hoping for I suppose. Like I said, who cares what anyone else thinks? lol


I think you need to start growing a couple of extra arms, to fit all of that. 😉

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1) Try finding a better way to tattoo your travels. It’s too much.

2) Indonesia; Vulcanos, comodo dragons(if you’ve actually seen one) Hungary; Cakes, communist signs, bricks, something from the churches. Singapore; Skysrapers. Sweden; Not the dala horse. There is a LOT more to Sweden than THAT. Chezk republic; Astronomical clock. Vatican; Michelangelo. Spain; Gaudi. Bull/matadore thrown out as whole concept is likely to become illegal soon due to animal abuse.

But aight; All over, it’s too much. If you want to travel more etc, you’ll quickly run out of space. I get travel tattoos, I want one myself soon, as I’ve been to most of these countries and some others. But maybe try to find one(or more) that suits you, represents your passion etc, without setting off your entire body for a canvas of small figurines of countries? I’ve been getting tattooed IN countries that really meant something special to me, but plan on getting things from my travels that hold meaning to me. Not necessarily for each country, but for trips, moments, etc 🙂 Could always do a larger tattoo and incorporate colors of the flags of the different countries.


So no asian art as of yet.might want to book some flights.

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