Will my tattoo hurt?

Answer – YES!

Will it hurt on my head? – YES
Will it hurt on my face? – YES
Will it hurt on my neck? – YES
Will it hurt on my collarbone? – YES
Will it hurt on my chest? – YES
Will it hurt on my shoulder? – YES
Will it hurt on my back? – YES
Will it hurt on my arms? – YES
Will it hurt on my elbows? – YES
Will it hurt on my wrists? – YES
Will is hurt on my hands? – YES
Will it hurt on my fingers? – YES
Will it hurt on my ribs? – YES
Will it hurt on my stomach? – YES
Will it hurt on my hips? – YES
Will it hurt on my ass? – YES
Will it hurt on my boy/girl parts? – YES
Will it hurt on my thighs? – YES
Will it hurt on my knees? – YES
Will it hurt on my legs? – YES
Will it hurt on my ankles? – YES
Will it hurt on my feet? – YES

If I have missed out the particular body part you were hoping to find, the answer is YES!


Some tattoos hurt more than others, some areas hurt more than others, some people feel pain very differently, some find it uncomfortable, some unbearable, but they are not licked on by kittens!
Generally polls show the worst places to be tattooed are the armpit, elbow, ribs, chest/sternum, knees, feet. This differs for everyone.

You want to reduce the pain? Eat a meal a while before but do not arrive full, take a fizzy drink and sip regularly to keep blood sugar levels up. Relax. Focus on keeping your beathing even. Listen to music or make conversation, particularly asking questions which will divert your brain away from the pain.

(This will only make you bleed like a mother bitch and will make your session even worse)

Tattoos should be earned by what we go through to get them, they are not licked on by kitten or kissed on by cherubs.

I hope this clears up every other post I have read today where people are asking if it hurts…


Rant over….


How about toes? Or do you consider them parts of the foot?

I wondered because you mention fingers as well as hands, but not toes as well as feet. Am I to assume that toe tattoos are painless? Hell, I’ll give it as shot!



Anytime bro, glad we could all learn something from this 😉


Good post!

“Tattoos should be earned by what we go through to get them” I wholly believe this.

But you might want to change a couple of those:
Will it hurt on my collarbone? – HOLY EFFING HELL YES
Will it hurt on my chest? – HOLLY EFFING HELL YES

OK OK, maybe it’s still a little fresh in my mind. :p

I like the quote from Jack Rudy, “It’s a good thing they hurt, otherwise every pussy would have one.”


@Call_me_Lola 144748 wrote:

“Tattoos, every pussy would have one.”

Yes indeed!


Lol I agree. They all hurt. The worst was my shin. Hurts so good!


I did actually have a brief ticking sensation while getting my tattoo, it kind of felt good on the more fleshy parts and hurt more over my bones.


I don’t think there is an easy way to apply tattoos without them hurting. If you love tattoos, no pain no gain, lol.

Poison Ivy

I have tats on my ankle, inside and outside of bicep, upper back/neck and my hip. Hip was by far the worst.


I have a several tattoos, and just today I got a semi large one on my side extending from my ribs down to the top of my hip.

The first tattoo parlour I visited basically told me it was going to be brutal and he tried to talk me into having it done on my back.

I guess he thought I was a virgin, as I didn’t have any tattoos showing, and I’m a skinny dude.

The second place I went to, the guy told me “yeah it’s a bitch of a place, but if you want it there then go for it”

I much preferred this dudes attitude.

So after doing some research and half psyching myself out, I thought fuck it, it’s the only place I wanted this tattoo on me.

The pain was bad in some places, but nothing that was unbearable, I did find the higher up on the ribs was the most painful place, and the side of my belly (between the hips and ribs) while less painful was more unpleasant. This is my tickle spot lol

Anyway, I think everyone is different, and the old interwebs is full of so much disinformation in regards to tattoos. And like the tattooist said “if that’s where you want it, go for it”

watching the big guy next to me, I would say the sternum is not such a pleasant place.


Glad you went for it

It’s odd someone would try to talk you out of a certain area

Perhaps they were no comfortable tattooing that area specifically


yes,all tattoos hurt where ever they are applied IMO,the pain level will vary from person to person and also depending on the artist’s style with the machine,will vary with age as well.everyone says the side/ribcage is brutal,I have a large side piece and I don’t think it really hurt much more than any of my other tattoos.Pain level is also up to the person getting tattooed,pain can be controlled and minimized mentally and physically.


I think it varys from person to person too, I dozed off having my chest done whereas I sweated like a pig for my side ribs


Also depends what’s being done. I find a single needle on the inside of my arm smarts, but shading on the outside is actually relaxing..
Worst I’ve had is up near my armpit… Didn’t like that!


You are absolurely right!
But someone just like this feeling I think!

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