So I have never ever built a machine before. This will be a photo dump / progress report on my learning experience. Im very eager to learn so today on my lunch i started. My plan is to learn to make frames well first, than i will learn to make coils etc.

I decided to use some made in USA hot rolled steel plate 1/8″ thick. I have no idea what im doing but i jumped right in anyway. Started by tracing a basic design onto a piece of steel….


after some cutting with the angle grinder and some pedestal grinder action i was left with this.


the process so far has taken about 1/2 hour. Lots more progress and pics to come. If this one is a failure, i will count it as a learning experience and do another untill they come out nice i suppose.

Any hint or tips from builders would be appreciated. I am not making these machines to try to sell them or to be in competition with anyone at all. its my love of the art and skill that makes me want to learn all aspects of machine building.

I will be building one in pieces that’s welded together at first, however once my skill grows i have many press brakes to do my bending on single piece frames if needed


with machines like this to play with, how can i not want to learn to build nice machines?


Mills, lathes, grinders and cnc’s. a playground indeed


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