Hey everyone. I have been getting some work done on a sleeve by what I consider to be a very talented artist. The lower half has healed and seems to be holding up well. But, I do have some concerns as to how some of the new work will hold up because of the amount of detail (there are some really fine, thin lines). So, if you guys could give me your opinions on how you think this piece will hold up I would appreciate it!



Keep it out of the sun and it will be fine


As you said before, you believe the artist is talented and the lower half of your arm has healed just fine. As long as you take good care of it, stay out of the bath until its healed (in other words dont soak it), dont lay out in the sun as buttwheat says, make sure you’re looking after it, not scratching or picking it should be just fine. Most tattoo artists will include free touch ups once your tattoo is fully healed anywhere it is needed but I’ve never needed one yet and i have some seriously intricate work 🙂

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