You can always choose to look at the (sadly obvious) blowout as a feature, not a bug.

Be wary of whatever fix they offer to do. Think carefully of the consequences it will have on your tattoo. You don’t want to make it worse.


I personally wouldn’t let the monkey who buggered it in the first place fix it, but hey that’s up to you lol the little heart on my wrist blew out really bad so I went elsewhere and had it fixed and luckily it saved it but it doesn’t like anything like the original design.


@Afink87 144813 wrote:

I’m going against popular opinion, I wouldn’t be too concerned with the minor imperfections, I have had tattoos heal like that. It looks like he had a very heavy hand, it hurt pretty good huh? I wouldn’t
be embarrassed or ashamed with that tattoo but I wouldn’t go back to him either.

Im not concerned nore embarrassed about it, I still like the tattoo just a bit disappointed one side is a thin line the other is a little blown out and yeah tbh it hurt like hell!


I was thinking of maybe getting a fire breathing design coming out of the mouth and then down. But would defo have to get this drawn up first as like I said i still love my tattoo but a little dissapointed in the blown out parts

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