Hi, I’m getting a tattoo done this week in the red area shown in the picture. (my upper abdominal, under chest) This will be my second tattoo. I already have one located in the yellow area shown in the picture. I’m just wondering how painful is my new tattoo going to be compared to my last one? How bad is that area meant to hurt? Thanks!


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If you have to ask, you’re too much a pussy for it! (JUST JOKING.)

Most places where the bone is closer to the surface are more painful. Chances are it will be worth it. Just get a great tattooer and get a tattoo designed specifically to fit your body.


The bad man touched me here (shown in yellow) then rubbed his privets on the red area


You are very helpful buttwheat


he provides comic relief.

to answer your question, no one can answer your question. Everyone experiences pain differently. Having said that, above the ribs is usually one of the more painful areas. All tattoos hurt as you know. If you want it, don’t let the pain make the decision for you. A bit of pain for an hour or so is worth the lifetime of joy, happiness, honour, fortune and pride. Your mileage may vary though.


I never understood this question from people, WTF difference does it make ? all tattoos hurt,

the pain is part of the process,if you can’t handle the pain then don’t get tattooed IMO,

and try and clear your mind out,don’t build up apprehension in your head in the days leading up to your tattoo,it’s a killer.

think about the good parts of the tattoo and use your mind to control the emotions and once getting tattooed control the pain ,it can be done with the right mental and physical preparation.


Got the tattoo done today ๐Ÿ™‚ pain was bearable, middle of my stomach was the worst part but definitely worth it ๐Ÿ™‚


Pics or it didnt happen!!!

looking forward to seeing it!


I’l put up a nice picture when its fully healed ๐Ÿ™‚
But here’s a quick picture I took [ATTACH=CONFIG]13785[/ATTACH]


You will cry, but it’s worth it.


am i the only one that went through all that suspense just to see the end result and feel disappointed? :confused:


take a painkiller and drink something really sugary an hour or so before. Thinks your blood and you won’t feel it as much. The abs don’t hurt as much though!


Without meaning to be rude, didnt you say just a few days ago that you have no tattoos and that if you did get one your “dad would kill you”?
so how would you know what having your abs tattooed feels like?

Also dont ever take painkillers before being tattooed…
like… ever…
it DOES thin your blood yes, which is exactly why you dont take them before being tattooed, it does nothing for the pain of getting tattooed and will just make you bleed a lot more which makes everyone’s life more difficult.

If you want to make getting a tattoo hurt less, learn to control your breathing and focussing your mind elsewhere. Talk to your artist and make conversation where you ask questions as it keeps your mind on thinking about what to ask and not what is happening to your body. Do take a fizzy drink as it will keep your sugar levels up and stop you from feeling faint or sick. Make sure you eat a good meal a couple of hours before so that you’re not hungry (though i dont recommend being full as i find this can also make you feel somewhat queasy!) and make sure that you just relax your whole body. Shut your eyes if it helps. I frequently fall asleep because i’ve got too good at relaxing.

Other than that please ignore the terrible advice above from a person who has never been inked… Anywhere close to your ribs, chest or sternum sucks… end of conversation.


Im pretty sure I cried when my abs were done. For me the worst part was the area where the stomach and ribs meet. Right on the edge of the rib bone. The stomach in general wasn’t fun and I was probably sore for a week….almost like a gym work out from tensing my muscles so hard. Soooo much pain….

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