Hello everyone! I currently have no tattoos and am planning on starting some soon! I am a rather indecisive person by nature so I am looking for a little advice before jumping in! How does everyone feel about mixed styles? For example I am a big fan of black and gray sleeves, but I like lots of color on chest pieces. Would all of this go along okay? Also, what about one black and gray sleeve and one colored?

I know these sound like stupid questions but I am having a hard time visualizing these options and just wanted some opinion from others!

Thanks in advance!


well,I’m a true mutt of styles,I have no particular theme or consistency,but I like what I have,you should do whatever you feel is right for you.

B&G arm sleeves and a color chest piece sounds great to me as long as it is done by a good artist or artists.


Welcome to the forum! For sure you can mix styles and mix colour with b&g.

I think b&g sleeves would look great next to a colour chest piece.

I’m not so sure about one colour and one b&g sleeve, but that may be because I like things a little more even, balanced. I have mostly full colour pieces but the outside of one calf has a cool b&g anchor with roses. I’m planning another b&g piece for the other leg. To even it up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yesterday I was looking at pics of someone who has a nearly complete suit, with b&g from fingers to waist (plus feet), and colour work on the legs and tushie. Was a good look.


Welcome to the forum!

I’m into colorful tattoos of natural, tropical, and horticultural design.

What you need is a good artist(s) that will make all your tattoo ideas come together. Keep us posted!


I have a mix of realistic, b&g, full color (mainly), new school, old school, dot work and everything in between. Most comments I get from tattoo enthusiasts? How cool it is that I’m mixing up different styles and making it work. I’d say go for it ๐Ÿ™‚ And welcome to the forum!


Thanks for the input guys! I’m going to go ahead with a bright colored chest piece and at least one black and gray sleeve. Might go with color on the other.

My next question would be what do you all think about starting a sleeve with a large shoulder piece? I haven’t seen many done that way.


hey, welcome to the forum! I have a friend that has a full colour japanese sleeve on his left arm and a full black and grey sleeve of a knight on a horse and some script etc on his right arm and it works just fine! At the end of the day as long as you do your research and use the best possible artists you cant go too far wrong. Trust them when they give advice on composition, they are professionals, they know best. I have all sorts of different shit on my body, i have a batman logo and a tiny hand grenade and then intricate lacework and then im getting some geometric stuff and a mandala… you can make anything work if you do it right!

Personally, I think that when it comes to sleeves, I like to have it all mapped out from the start so that I know exactly how it’s all going to flow at the end. That’s not to say you have to do it all in one go or that it cant be made of lots of different elements, but generally I would shy away from getting on and then another and then trying to fit other things around it becuase it can end up looking messy and unplanned. But that’s just my opinion, that could be the look you’re going for!

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