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New to this forum, hope all is well.

I’m going to get myself booked in for a tattoo in the next few weeks, I have attached a photo of what I am going for. I know a lot of people on here will be very experienced in tattoo’s and should be able to give a rough estimate on this, how long do you think something like this would take to finish?

I’m just trying to get a rough time in my head so I can think about costs and stuff before I go and visit some places.

Thanks a lot




Welcome to the form!

Tattooers vary greatly in both time and costs. I had a tattoo that was done for a reasonable rate, but the tattooer was very slow. I anticipated 3 hours, and it took 6. Find a good tattooer and talk with them.


It will cost you a lifetime of humiliation if you copy someones tattoo. Every tattooists is different I would say between 2 and 10 hours.
Find your carefully selected tattooist and ask them. And make sure after finding the tattooist post a link t their work here so we can check their work and see if they are the right one for you.

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