I’m a second year student of anthropology at the University of Birmingham and I’m looking for people with either several or large tattoos who are willing to discuss them in an informal interview over the phone or skype in the next few days.

• Researching tattoos and their relationship with the body
• Preferably custom tattoos
• No conditions in respect to age or gender
• One-on-one interview for no longer than 30 minutes
• Over the phone or on Skype (whatever is most convenient)

I am looking for anyone with tattoos would is open to talking about them. The questions will concern what tattoos you have, why you got them, if family and friends have any and finally how you are perceived as someone with tattoos! Naming is anonymous and you can withdraw at any time.

It would be a huge help if anyone could talk for a short amount of time about their tattoos and what they mean.
if you wish to discuss your tattoos and contribute to my research, please get in contact at your earliest convenience. It would be greatly appreciated:



Have you got an email? I know a few people that might be willing. Drop me a PM

Live every life like its your last

please get in contact at your earliest convenience

An email address should make this much easier.

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