Hi there, I’m just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has had a thigh tattoo.
I got my tattoo done four days ago and it is a big piece, taking up the majority of the front of my thigh. It is coloured and was a 3.5 hour session.
It is still pretty red around the tattoo and my main concern is the heat coming from it. It’s not overly swollen, there is no puss or lumps, the tattoo just red and hot.
I have four other tattoos, I got a big piece on my calf and that took well over a week for the pain to die down but I don’t think it had the same heat coming from it.
I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has some advice?
I’ve been following proper aftercare with cleaning it twice a day with non scented/non alcohol liquid soup and using the tattoo goo provided to me by the tattoo artist. And I always make sure I wash my hands before applying any lotion.
It’s painful to walk on but I expected that.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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For a big piece four days is nothing. Relax and give it time. Tattoos take at least three months to fully heal.


Thank you! You know what it’s like, you read one thing and think the worst.

I’ll give it time and looking forward to walking normally again!


Mine was pretty sore for a while, at least a month and a half until it stopped peeling and looking decent.

I find that red takes longer to heal, not sure if yours is red or if thats normal but its been my experience….


Thank you, it’s good to know someone has experienced the same thing. Yeah there’s a big red rose in my tattoo and I noticed on my other tattoo the red did take longer to heal than the rest. I still need to go back to get some finishing touches done so let’s hope it’s slightly better in a couple of weeks…


Looks OK from here


I have a large thigh piece also. Mine was a 6 hour session and as you can imagine it was very red and SUPER hot, the tattooist commented on the immense heat coming from my thigh, could cook an egg on that thing lol!

It took a while for the redness to disappear and it was very tight for quite some time, but the heat wasn’t there after the first couple days. Don’t worry about it, a lot of trauma to your leggy, only natural for it to object a bit ๐Ÿ™‚


Thigh tattoo are painful for me.


Thigh tattoos were all my worst healing tattoos, red and heat were common. Pain and a bruised feeling was too for the first week for sure.


While I don’t have a thigh tattoo, I do have my calves tattooed. One on that my current tattooist redid for me, I noticed major swelling and major heat radiating from it. Of course I got worried and let my guy know who told me it was normal, especially for an area such as the legs. What’s strange with me is while I’m being tattooed my skin will go cold and it’s not until everything is done that it gets really hot and warm. I’d say as long as it’s not covered in puss or anything like that, just give it time to heal, it’ll go down. Here is my calf tattoo a few days after it was redone, you can see how swollen and red my leg was



One of my thigh tattoos took a long time to heal and was red in certain areas where brown ink was used. I think it was a reaction to the ink rather than the placement.


@Amok 143787 wrote:

One of my thigh tattoos took a long time to heal and was red in certain areas where brown ink was used. I think it was a reaction to the ink rather than the placement.

I’ve had reactions to certain shades of red. Tattoo turned out fine, but it took forever to completely heal.


I just got a large thigh tattoo 10 days ago and I noticed really heavy scabbing on a couple places and it is itching so bad where the red and yellow is! Is this normal? Has anyone else delt with this….the itching is disrupting my entire day and night trying to sleep ๐Ÿ™ Any advice would be much appreciated!


Yes, i have a decent sized thigh tattoo that is new and the heat and redness is different then others i have had in the past. Also is pretty sore, i would compare it to my knee tattoo which took about a week before i could walk normal again! This is what mines looking like after a few days!


Intricate designs would obviously take a tad bit more time to heal, and side-effects such as pain, inflammation, redness, etc. would also naturally persist long, so, be patient. If you are afraid of getting an infection, consult a medical practitioner immediately. Apart from cleaning twice, make sure to avoid direct sunlight, swimming, and rigorous exercises.

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