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So I got this tattoo a couple of months back of a small anchor on the side of my foot. It’s 2 inches x 2 inches, so it’s still quite detailed. I got this tattoo together with my brother who got it tattooed on his chest.
Anyways, it means a lot to me, but as you can see on the image I attached, it’s quite basic. Google Pictures is full of it and in every movie there is someone with this tattoo. I still love it and we chose it together, but I’m looking to give it more of a personal touch, like it’s mainly my brothers style, going old school and such.
I would’ve chosen more of a customized design, maybe with a color in it, not too much, but personal. I study architecture and have a lot to do with art, so maybe I want to add or change something so it would be more me.
I love tattoos but I promised myself this will be my only one, so that’s why I hope I can still give it that little upgrade.

But do you guys think it is possible? I was hoping to maybe hear some ideas from artists, but it would help a lot just hearing opinions. Thank you so much!

Christophe 😎



How about a picture of your tattoo not of what it suppose to look like?

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