hello, my name is Elora.
I recently got a tattoo on my rib exactly a week ago, the day after the tattoo the swelling and redness had not gone down and I was in huge amounts of pain. I continued to wash it and apply bepanthem cream (suggested by tattooist) but it continued to get worse, becoming very inflamed and swollen. I went to the doctor and was prescribed antiobiotics, 5 days later the swelling has gone down but parts of the ink is falling out and I am still in lots of pain. No tattooist I have asked can tell me what is wrong with it and even the doctor isn’t completely sure apart from suggesting an ‘allergic reaction’. Someone please give me some answers 🙁
I have added a picture of a timeline of the tattoo over the week.


I have had it happen to me don’t know why. Just plan on having it redone completely


Is this your first tattoo?


Give it time. Tattoos take three months to heal. You may need it touched up as butt suggested.

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