Hey guys, so my name is VJ and I just got my first tattoo.

I didn’t know what I wanted at first and I always dreamed of getting one. It took me a long time to actually go and do it.
What I initially wanted was a Koi fish, I found the design and done it the next day. here is an image..


I didn’t exactly like the exact waves so I didn’t get it done on my version.
Here is my version..



It lasted longer than usual because I was moving around a lot. It hurt like a bitch, but I thought I did well for a first timer. About 3 weeks later I went to get it shaded in and gave it a few touch ups.

Here is a few images of how it looked 3 weeks later.




Please note that when the tattoo is finished healing it would not be this red, The tattoo colour is black and grey. However I really like this red ”fresh” look, isit possible to go over the shaded skin again and make it look like this? Oh and also, what’s this colour called? I heard it’s called cherry grey but when I googled it nothing came up.

Well anyways my initial plan is to get my lotuses shaded a ”cherry greyish” colour and add more however I can’t think of anything amazing to add. I don’t want more water because water is pretty bland and basic. I want this to be quite a busy sleeve. I can’t fit much on either because of my slimness.

Any opinions on what I should add and what I should think of doing?

Oh and also, feel free to say hi. I’m new here 🙂


Hey dude. I’m new too. you got balls going straight for a sleeve imo. I couldn’t do that unless I cemented a plan for my arms/let alone my whole body first.

What kinda stuff you like? Have a dragon wind around your arm to meet this koi fish. On this dragon is a neptune-style fish with Crown and Trident. The vicious hunter – his mouth gaped open like a carp. Also I don’t think you should try to keep the red-look you get from a fresh tattoo. It’ll just look bruised in the end. good luck.


Started off with some rough line work but it pulled together pretty well.
Just a note that is one of the easiest (pain wise) to get tattooed.


Thanks, I want to add more but im not sure what im after yet. I feel like I look too plain atm though


Welcome. It looks like you have a decent start there, and many options for the rest of your arm. I’m going to assume that at least some of the shaky lines are from you moving around.

If you can’t sit still to have a spot like that done then you better learn to suck it up, buttercup, before you continue. Wait until you get to some of the more tender areas. Outside of the arm, that’s about a 2 on the tattoo pain scale. When you get to the ditch … then you can say that it hurt and I’ll believe you.

Remember, every time that you move YOU are responsible for making the artist’s job harder. They cannot be expected to do their best work unless you do your part. If you are a good client and they are excited to work on your project they will put a lot into it. If you are a pain in the butt, they will just want to get it done and over as quickly as possible.

BTW am I missing something? I don’t see any lotus flowers?? Those appear to be cherry blossoms.

Good luck with it. And keep showing us pictures!

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@Call_me_Lola 139947 wrote:

Wait until you get to some of the more tender areas. Outside of the arm, that’s about a 2 on the tattoo pain scale. When you get to the ditch … then you can say that it hurt and I’ll believe you.

Curious about this pain scale. Where do the stomach and ribs lie on this scale.