I’m curious! Where do you find your ideas for ink?
    Today, it seems everything has been done. One quick google search and you’ll see someone has already done your idea.
    or maybe you stumble upon something amazing and breathtaking that’s so perfect for you, but.. someone already has it.
    How do you go about your ideas?

    I find myself stumbling upon mine – Sometimes I see something amazing, and think “I want -almost- that”, and go ahead and switch up the idea and come up with something new. Sometimes, like with my gasmask arm, the idea just came to me because of a song and a band, I drew it up and fell in love. And gave it to my artist, and he drew it again, and then I re-did it once more, and we agreed on something and it’s awesome.
    And tomorrow I’m getting a tattoo from a book, remakes of old school designs by the old classic artists. With fresh colors and all, and I can’t wait.
    Flash tattoos are generally a no-no, but with old school designs it seems okay for some reason… This time, for me, it sure is.

    But this is something I’m fascinated by – What’s your ink, and how did you end up with it? Not just meaningful, sad stories. Did you get the idea at a drunktard moment maybe? How did you go about it? 🙂


    I’m lucky my primary artist is also a professional artist so he does a lot of the brain work.

    I guess I’ve always had a love of fine art since childhood. Originally, I just liked cherry blossoms and wanted a tattoo before I died. Beyond that, it’s been fueled mostly by the things I love: art, animals, culture.

    Tattoos have also served a second purpose for me, much like plastic surgery, they disguised severe and unwanted scars that might hinder my personal life. It’s a lot easier to say, “Ahhh, I’m a rebel,” then to discuss the personal. Or it is for me. 😉


    Random interesting phrases with no further direction tossed at my artist, The Almighty Troy Coe.

    For example, my two squids. My nickname used to be Squid. When I got my first squid, I had just read “The Zombie Survival Guide”, back before this huge zombie craze got into full swing, so I threw the phrase “Zombie Squid” at my man Troy to see what he’d come up with. It only covered the front of my arm, so I decided I needed another squid to balance it out, but it needed to be radically different. The steam punk aesthetic has always appealed to me, so I said “Steam Punk Cyborg Squid”, and damn did Troy deliver. It’s easily my most intense tattoo.

    Then there’s my wrist gauntlet. I asked for a bracelet of skulls about the size of a quarter each. When I showed up, Troy had drawn up this massive thing and I said “Fuck it. We’re doing THAT instead.

    Random interesting phrases thrown at Troy are my way of getting awesome ink.

    There are exceptions though. A few have stories. Like the one on my thigh. I met a girl….here actually. On this forum. Went by the screen name Peachiepoo. We fell in love. An intense, burning love. Our relationship was rocky as shit, but it didn’t matter. She was my girl. Then she died. On her thigh, she had a tattoo of the loony toon Gossamer laughing. After she passed, before me and her mother took care of her final business, I got a tattoo in the exact same spot of Gossamer crying. For the rest of my life, he’s going to be there mourning for my lovely girl, just like part of me always will be.

    Been 26 months. I’m engaged to another girl who’s helped to carry me through the loss, but damn I still miss her.

    Another one with a story is the Zombie Kermit the Frog on my ass. Yes. You read that correctly. See, I had been making cracks about getting a Kermit the Frog tattoo on my ass for years. YEARS. It always got a chuckle. But one day, a switch just flipped in my buddy Aaron’s head. He started screaming at me, “JUST GET THE DAMN FROG, OR SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!”

    “If you’ll pay for it, I’ll get it.”

    He yanked out his wallet and put $300 into my hand right there on the spot. I forgot that Aaron was a self-made rich bastard by the age of 24. But I don’t back down, so I threw the phrase “Zombie Kermit the Frog” at Troy, and the rest is ass history.

    Love. Peace. Metallica.


    I smoke a shitload of dope


    @buttwheat 133774 wrote:

    I smoke a shitload of dope

    I have no trouble believing this.

    Love. Peace. Metallica.


    All my life I’ve been a doodler. All through school, most of the inside jobs I’ve had, I do it all the time. I must have sketched myself over a hundred times throughout planning for tattoo work. I had to draw nude women for a coworker as he thought it was strange that I was so good at drawing nude men. (I think hands are the hardest) He was pleased that I captured the “pie” so well.
    The ideas started out random. A lizard. Then that reminded me of our honeymoon in St. Thomas with thousands of lizards, flowers, and vegetation. I’ve always loved flowers thus my schooling in horticulture.
    The raptor idea was Lindsay Wilson’s. While doing my Rainbow lizard she casually mentioned that she would love to do a raptor. My son is definitely not into tattoos so I asked his girlfriend to draw up a few ideas. (she has a bachelor’s degree in comic art) I presented those to Lindsay, and she created her version using the drawings as references. The VW beetle was Anthony’s idea. The hippie dude was mine. Lindsay made him look like Anthony.
    As far as my leg, I specified only a few things. He’s done the rest. In three days I have five hours booked with Anthony, and Lindsay will be stopping in. Anthony suggested an ocean setting on my back with a giant octopus. That brought 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to mind. Now I’ll hand them a half dozen pictures and let them divide up my back and side. It will all tie together. Special meaning? No. I just like to see these creative minds go wild.
    I provide snacks, and actually dinner for Anthony and his young family. I have tons of electric trains from 40 years ago that I no longer use. I made up a set for his kids last Christmas, and I have one ready for this year too.

    Oh, we go to strip clubs on occasion.

    210 inking hours and counting.

    Tattoos are for the living. Tombstones are for the dead. Get a tattoo for yourself!


    I have a local appointment to fill in the test of my right ditch with my usual guy. No preconcieved ideas. I’ll go in an hour early and pull all his old sailor jerry books off the wall and see what I’m in the mood for. I don’t have much room on my left arm so its all just little stuff and filler really so I’m not very critical on it. Last time I did this I walked out with a choking cock (rooster sickos) on my knee. Well see what happens. I have zero problem looking thru the classic flash books and asking him what he can do with “this”. Maybe a kid slug. I dunno. Couple hours in the chair tomorrow.