If you are an artist, and I gave you my forearm, below my elbow, as an open canvas (plus the cover up) what would you do? OR, if it wasn’t my full forearm and just enough to cover it up. Also, when I do go to get it covered up, do you have any suggestions as to things that will not work or certain tattoo styles that would work better than others? Im pretty open to suggestions… more info bellow.

Got this tattoo when I was 16 in AA… I only have two tattoos (This one plus a star on my rib cage that I also got at 16). I don’t really care what it is, it doesn’t have to have meaning I just want it to look nice. Not really a fan of skulls, or creepy stuff but open to pretty much anything else. Would it be weird if I went into a tattoo shop and just said “draw something up that you think would look nice”? I have read that tattoo artists don’t like it when you don’t have an idea of what you want to get. I’ll probably end up getting a half sleeve on my forearm… I just want to make it a priority to get this covered up. I don’t like it, and it brings up awkward conversation especially since I’m barely religious and thats how most people look at it… Anyways, thanks in advance for the advice. Ill post a picture below. posting a couple links not sure which ones will work



The most obvious design to cover that with something small would be a cross, but I see that isn’t the particular direction that you want to go. (although I have a cross and am not religious at all)

Although they do appreciate some leeway in the case of a cover up normally you need to give the artist some direction, some kind of starting point. They don’t want a client to ask for ‘anything that isn’t creepy’ and spend several hours drawing up, say for instance, an owl design and then find out that the client thinks that owls are creepy.

Flowers or birds often make great tattoos, in my opinion.

What style of tattoo are you thinking? Japanese, American Traditional, New School, Illustrative, Realism? I suggest you start following a few artists that you like on Instagram. You will be able to see tons of ideas, and also get a feel for what each artist enjoys doing. Then you can go to your CAREFULLY CHOSEN artist and say “hey I really liked the ****** tattoo you did a while ago, would something similiar cover this” or “I really like the way you do birds/sugar skulls/whatever and I’m open to your ideas of how to cover this”. That way you start out with a little flattery and they know that you aren’t locked into a specific design idea.

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that’s an easy cover up by the right artist IMO,it’s a faded tiny tattoo,just about anything could cover that one up,and don’t waste any money on laser.

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Where are you located? It looks like a really straight forward easy cover-up. I do them all the time. There are quite a few bad tattoo artists in my area that keep me quite busy with cover-ups.

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This should cover that nicely



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