Thought I would post this as I am sure you all have seen it a million times. Looks ace now 🙂


    I got to tackle the official “#1 worst portrait tattoo in the world” today. I’m sure you’ve all seen it a million times online, as had I. I couldn’t believe my eyes when this guy walked in and showed me this project. I think my jaw literally hit the floor. He went on to tell me the story behind the portrait; He had just married his beautiful wife and not even three months afterwards she was killed in a horrible house fire accident leaving him to raise their three children alone. Shortly after he went to a local tattoo studio to memorialize his wife and was left with this abomination. He later returned to that studio for one more session, thinking that perhaps “he had done something wrong in the healing of the tattoo” and they butchered it even more the second time. Finally, he drove all the way to my studio, Empire Ink, just to meet me and to see what his options were. Touched by his story, I gifted the entire project to him for free. Now he has closure and I have an amazing story to add to my portfolio!


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    I tried to post that this morning but the forum wouldn’t let me add a title!
    Nice story, and nice result.
    Sad circumstances though, stoked the guy finally got what he wanted

    Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

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    I *have* seen that tattoo a million times! I didn’t really know the story behind it though. Glad the guy got an awesome cover-up to memorialize his wife.


    seen this on fb last night. i would have kept the original. its famous.

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    Glad he was able to get that covered up.

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    Looks good. Glad to see he finally got that covered up. I’ve seen that piece 100x and it is indeed one of the worst portraits ever.


    Great story but fuck I’m already tired of it. Ive seen it on facebook a hundred times now. And even my mom fucking emailed me it.


    It’s way better but I still don’t like it!


    wow…i saw this tattoo in many forum…

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    Wow I’ve seen the original tattoo floating around the internet and always found it to be hilarious but also quite depressing that a scratcher could make a mockery of someones memorial tattoo like that. I suppose years of internet abuse pushed the dude in to getting a good cover up. Clearly it was worth it.

    1 thing though, I know cover ups have to go bigger and darker but it seems the black around the face seems to be going a bit overboard. Its not actually covering anything and won’t age well.

    But still excellent cover up.


    I’d be very happy he was even able to get it to where it is after what it was… Sad story, glad to see he has something worth looking at to remember his wife by now!

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