Is there any scholarships or anything? Cant find anything but thought there should be since the classes for 4-9 months range from 6-11 grand!!!!



If youre thinkjng of going to tattoo school just leave this forum now bcus nobody is going to take you serious…i can tell youre an asshole and need to b backhanded across your crooked ass teeth you mongoloid…the disrespect you bring to this site is egregious and i ask you to delete your account and your father should have pulled out n busted nut into the toilet instead of you’re mothers uterus…no disrespect to your parents but they should have read a few more parenting books while raising you


Please disregard Clay, he is representing us ‘regulars’ in a poor light.

But you won’t hear many people here recommending tattoo schools. The best way to learn the trade, is to score an apprenticeship with a good artist at a respectable shop. Practice your drawing skills and create a kickass portfolio. Other more experienced members of the forum should be able to give you more advice but it’ll sum up into something like that. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

PS- Please don’t leave this forum thinking everybody on here is a judgemental prick like Clay. We’re very nice people, who just want amazing artists who create even more amazing work. We’re here to help (although it is sometimes hard to see our good intentions.)

Curiosity was framed. Ignorance killed the cat.

Im not gonna leave this Forum. No way in hell. Ive been trying apprenticeships for a while now with slammed doors in my face Im not intimidated by the jackass above Ik how to deal with there kind. Btw my mom and brother are the most important people in my life and I support them very much it was a simple fucking question. I dont care if people are blunt but shit talkers should be shit


Tell me something… if you have been trying apprenticeships and had doors slammed in your face repeatedly, shouldn’t that tell you that you’re simply not good enough?

Perhaps you should go to ARTS school, to learn how to draw properly before continuing on your path. A tattoo school is just wasting your money.

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Welcome to the forum.
Please check out the thread “so you want to be a tattoo artist” in “general tattoo discussion”.
It may help, it has a lot of good advice.

Let us know how you make out.

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