]Please help! I need suggestions for improving my tattoo! It’s sooo dark and as you can see not very symmetrical! I need a burst of colour, but how can I hide the fact that it’s so unsymmetrical? I also have another tattoo on my back which also has alot of dark shading but I like it, it’s a jigsaw puzzle piece with half a butterfly inside it. With both tattoos being so close to eachother it looks like they’re floating! Any suggestions on what I should do?


Yeah I see what your saying oh wait no I don’t. Post a picture!!


Hi i am new to this and have only just joined up, i need some help with a cover up, can someone tell me how to start a new thread or just help me in this one please?

ShonaMairi;118977 wrote:
]Please help! I need suggestions for improving my tattoo!

Not only did you post a link to an image on Facebook (which is impossible) but the image is also set to private, so it can’t be seen 🙂

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