Okay, I made the mistake of asking un-tattooed people what they thought and the consensus was “ew” or “get it on your thighs instead so at least you can hide it” OR my favourite “why is there ribbon included, shouldn’t it just be bows?” :confused:
1. my thighs gain weight really easily. so no.
2. it’s a corset tattoo.
3. I really love this idea but I am somewhat worried that I’ll regret it later on and removal will cost bucket loads. how have you guys gotten over that fear?

The end result probably won’t look too much like this one as I want a fairly original piece. ๐Ÿ˜‰

OH and I’m a professional pole dancer so it’d get shown off heaps.



You can’t post pics from that skank site ratemyink.com.


I say just have your leg laced up for real. Its definitely not a concept your average person would understand. Its elegant and feminine. If you like it, do it. Just make sure you find a good artist so it doesnt look like crud.


I like these and think they look very sexy ๐Ÿ™‚

buttwheat;118911 wrote:
You can’t post pics from that skank site ratemyink.com.

Hmmm is it a skank site lol?

I just joined it lol

Ah well you live and learn!

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