My brother had a stomach piece done at the London Convention by En from Genko.

He has asked me to ask on the forums on his behalf.

He is looking for excellent artists you could recommend that would be able to add to this piece on either side as he thinks it looks odd at the moment and needs other stuff added to it.

I suggested a Japanese dragon going up from it one side and joining his Japanese sleeve but he doesn’t want to go up that far.

He also said it doesn’t have to be Japanese style but I wonder what other styles are possible to add to it and for it to not look out of place?

So if there is any suggestions of excellent artists around London or further afield if they are someone special, that could add to this piece.

Also any suggestions for other styles that would go with this, if any?

Personally I think it looks fine 🙂




A map I have made of great artists around the world – http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/

My tirst thoughts are some kind of flags or a banner waving behind it. If you are going oriental, check out that style.
Cool tattoo.


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