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So i want to get some sort of tattoo and as of now i can only think of 2 things that i would want. First one is something on my back that goes up to the back of my neck, but just a little bit so you could cover it up with a pollo or a jacket or something like that. A tribal tattoo that would have 2 spikes or w/e go up to the back of my neck by my spine. Second is either a quote of some sort or a symbol, but i literally can’t think of anything for this one. For the second one, i want it to mean something, and since I’ve been stuttering/stammering my whole life I’ve been looking around the internet for any kind of symbol that could relate to my problem/hard times i’ve had. I just can’t think of anything… something that symbolizes speech…? idk.

Also I’m trying to find this quote that i saw somewhere on the internet which i really liked which goes something like this, The world is my playground, my soul is the driver, and… something something. If anyone’s heard of it, post it! I forgot how it went.



Have a long, hard think about this, it’s not something you want to rush into, doesn’t sound like you’re quite ready to me.

First off, the tribal. To be honest, there’s not a lot of love for it at the moment, you may actually struggle to find a studio prepared to do it. It’s boring, tedious to do (apparently) and just uses up good real estate.
Saying that, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if it made a bit of a comeback at some point but not at the moment.

The quote? again, not easy. They are a little unimaginative and never (in my opinion) look good. Personally I’d be looking for an image for that, maybe a portrait style with the mouth sewn shut or something? there are some fantastic artists out there that could pull that off.

Everyone has been through hard times, everyone seems to want to represent them with a tattoo but they’re rarely the right reasons in my opinion unless they represent tributes/surviving real trauma etc. The most important thing is to get some kick-arse artwork that you can be proud of for eternity.

If you want some inspiration for that, check out Peter Pooses ink (member on here and other forums.) He’s recently been covered in the most amazing artwork and the personal reasons behind it? Nothing. He just wanted some awesome ink. No better reason than that in my opinion.

Anyway, that’s all just my rambling opinion, good luck

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

From the Urban dictionary

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Hmm, what about a puppet with a sewn mouth, that would be pretty cool…. Gatta do some research on what a puppet even symbolizes haha, unless someone can tell me on here.


Listen to Panter.

Don’t worry about the meaning society had assigned to puppets. Think of the meaning you can give it, on your body, with the lips sewn shut. I absolutely LOVE the idea of having the lips sewn shut and think it perfectly represents what you’re trying to.

Fuck the rest of the world, all that matters is what it means to YOU.

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