Been tattooing a little over a year and would like good, bad, ugly comments about my work, where i need to improve etc:cool:


You need to resize your pictures dude, they’re coming up huge and the only way to view them is to zoom right out with CTRL & mouse wheel (for me)

Feedback? I assume you’re working from home? if so, you need to learn to draw then seek an apprenticeship (there’s some good threads on here full of advice) before picking up a machine again.
Your linework is very shaky, there’s lots of blowout and the designs are very poor.
That’s just my honest opinion.


Thank you very much for your coments, I have been learning from my grandfather who cant actually tattoo anymore due to his hands. Hes been tattooing 30 years, as far as line work goes, hes said the same thing but all the subject know im still learning which is why they get them for free.


You look like you hay have some talent but go get into a proper apprenticeship. There is one tattoo that looks 20 years old. As said before your line work is real rough and what the hell is going on with this?:


Dad let me have ago at covering up an old tattoo – pic dont do it just – its going to be a full sleeve so as my gradfather says its practice i need


sorry but it looks flat, not much contrast, and has tons of flat color, and not much detail, sorry just being real

savthelad;118317 wrote:
Dad let me have ago at covering up an old tattoo – pic dont do it just – its going to be a full sleeve so as my gradfather says its practice i need

The pic isn’t the problem. It’s just a very poorly done tattoo. It does indeed look like you have some talent, but if you don’t get with someone who can properly teach you, then you’re just wasting your time and ruining people’s skin.


You permanently fucked that guys arm up. Stop tattooing people and practice on paper.


Stop tattooing on people and buy some paper.


Hay guys thanks for your comments but iv been doing art and graphic design since I was 16 so art for me is not a problem, been a great artist does not make a great body artist.

Iv been working at weekends for a shop and the 3 tattoo pros there said if my family are willing to let me work on them – get on and try but just take my time – check and double check my needle and macine setup and be f***ing carful when useing my mags.

I know where my skills lay – and I know my flaws, I want some posotive advise on what I need to do to improve. I can draw on paper till the cows come home but paper and skin are 2 worlds apart. A pen does not vibrate in your hand, paper thickness does not alter or change when you work and it also does not move. For example – Tattooing someones belly and there breathing it moves all the way through the work.

So far my colour work is flat and has no life 🙂 and my line work is not good. Keep em coming coming guys this can only help me !

God Bless yas


Can you guys please look at the other tattoos ive done, need as much feedback as possible.

From the sounds of things either my grandfather is not teaching me correctly or the 3 pros in Blackpool dont know as much as they make out.

Its the only shop out of 7 shops in my area that are willing to train. The rest of them dont even have the time or the trust to train people. ( Fear of people opening there own shop)


Stop tattooing for now. Take some real art classes. The technique and composition you exhibit is subpar.
Once you can draw, well, then find a genuine apprenticeship. Its not going to fall into your lap. You have to campaign for it. Dont take no as an answer.
Stop scratching other people. If you have to tattoo, do it on yourself. Bloodborn pathogens are no joke. Theresa lot more to it than putting a needle to skin.

In the woman/skull tattoo the hair is terrible, the skull side is way to dark.
The butterfly has absolutely no transition between black red and skintone. Theres no shading. Butterflies are not three colors.
Im not trying to be a dick but it seems like you are looking for honest feedback.
Theres a reason people apprentice for years before even thinking about putting ink in skin.


Thats really honest, thank you. Ok so I have approx 300 really good drawings in a black folder all laminated and dated.

The only shop iv found have been great but they are just letting me sit and observe, setup machines and sort stencils. No advice other than keep tattooing friends etc. BUT NOT IN THE SHOP !

They are all from Poland so language is a little hard sometimes. All the other shops love my art but dont want to train people in the fear they will move on and open a shop. Iv said to all of them I will PAY and I will sign a contract.

Its always Sorry but NO !

Thats when my grandfather stepped in and said he will help me out but he cant show me because his hands are fucked.

Iv got alot of passion for this and iv spent over a year 18 months now dedicating weekends away from my family just to try and learn and its bloody hard work……

So my next question, give me some ideas on how to approach shops and present my self ?

I dont look a dick, ok iv got tattoos ( About 20 of them ) but not in stupid places and they have all been done by a great artist in Fleetwood, UK by a great guy called “Tattoo Phill ” hes won awards, is known everywhere but will NOT train which is a killer because his work is amazing.

I showed him my work he said – Not bad – Laughed and said, Good luck finding a good shop in this shit hole to train you properly !

I still talk to him but hes getting on a bit and only does small bit now.



you have to stop fucking people up right now,
quit working on skin 100% until you do find an apprenticeship, just because you havent found one doeswnt give you license to start working on people, you disrespect this art form, no one goining to want to hire you,
Id have to see your drawings, but the work I have seen is terrible


for those of you thinking of becoming a tattoo artist one day think about this, do you think Russ Abbott, Timoithy Hoyer, Brandon Bond are going to give you an apprenticeship when they find out youve been fucking people up for a year or two?…………………..no, no chance,

will you ever have respect in the industry?…………………no, very little,

I know, I know, we all know artists wo started in the kitchen back in the day, that shit aint happening anymore, and those artists have come forward and told us how bad it hurt them starting off wrong,

do you need artistic talent? hell yes, you think shane oneil can hit that awesome black and grey and he cant draw? hell no, he can draw like a mother fucker,
nikko? josh woods? victor? booth?………….they can draw, I mean REALLY draw, if you cant you are not ready to start looking for an apprenticeship let alone tattoo anyone

you want to make a living in this crowded industry, do it right

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