So I thought this would be a fun little thread where everyone can post the meanings behind their tattoos (if they have a meaning to you). Personally, I have one half sleeve made up of about 4 images and then the background of course. Then I have a tattoo on each calf. Every single image tattooed into my skin has a specific meaning to me, otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have them. Feel free to post pics as well ๐Ÿ™‚

First the significances about the images on my sleeve. I will post the meanings/significances first and then post an image after it:

We are all-small and appear to be the same (like the caterpillar), but as we grow older our true beauty shows (like the butterfly). Like a butterfly, we are all different, and beautiful in our own way. Butterflies represent rebirth and a new beginning. In ancient mythology, the butterfly stands for wisdom and everlasting knowledge. Butterflies symbolize change.

Red Roses: An expression of love; a symbol of courage and respect

The symbol of Unchanging Love, Honesty, and Obedience.

Messenger, timelessness, healing and joy

Good Luck

The Lavender Cancer Ribbon:
While it has multiple meanings, for me simply is means All Cancers (or general Cancer Awareness). For my Great Aunt who has been fighting for years.


Next is the Ankh on my right Calf. The meaning is simple. In Egypt it was a symbol of life/Eternal Life. Hence a belief of mine and why it is tattooed to my body.


Then the white Lilly on my left calf. I decided to do a Lilly for this memorial piece simply because there were multiple Lillies at my Grandpa’s funeral back on January 19th, of 2012. The White Lilly at Funerals symbolize that the soul of the departed has recieved restored innocence after death. The words “And We’ll Remember When..” are the last lyrics of the song” Remember When” by Alan Jackson. This song was played at the funeral and it is true, we will always remember the good times and when everything was whole.


Now I’m interested in reading the stories behind everyone else’s tattoos. As I said, feel free to post pics but it’s not mandatory ๐Ÿ˜›


I got my first tattoo as my wife is from a Chinese background, it’s a chinese dragon. My second tattoo was because my daughter was born in the year of the rabbit. I wanted the rabbit in a suit because I like weird shit.

The next 2 have no meaning, I got them because I love the style. Funnily enough it’s these 2 that I like the most (from a visual standpoint). I’m at a point now where tattoos are art to me, it doesn’t necessary have to have a personal story behind it.

All my tattoos are in my Album here.


Very cool! I think the most important ones to me are simple the butterfly with the cancer ribbon and the one I got for my Grandpa personally but I love them all!


ok, let me try,

sweeney todd on chest over heart, reminder that revenge is dangerous, even blinding, we can harm even people we love trying to acheive it

yama, hindu lord of death (and justice) right chest, he is a powerful god, I love the story behind him and his intimidating appearance,

dying heart, center stomach, all things living are dying,

rightside, skull surrounded by snake and apple, this is the biblical snake representing the christian devil, the apple the symbol of all knowledge

left side, collage, turtle, as marylands state sysmbol is maryland terrapin, clam, chesepeake bay, ocean city, all seeing eye, gods all seeing eye, lock, rose and thorns, lifes hardships, lock and key, I keep my loves protected, glass of water, my hope for home and the sea, kept while I am away

right arm, chinese dragon, my son, the familys protection
left arm, chinese rooster zombie girl , represnting my daughter

left leg outter, kabuki villian, I think I play a villian well when I have to
left leg inner, dead king, in death all men are equal
bomb on back of left leg, dropping the bomb (f bomb)

right lower leg inner, great horned owl, I rescued one in atlanta suburbs that got his leg caught in jkundzu when he landed for a break carrying a rat

right outer leg, robot talking to octopus, two of my favorite things, showing contrast, robot is trying to ask octopus what he is

right leg rear, sugar skull, I love the day of the dead, we should all celebrate our dead, americans morn, we should party and dance


upper back, jesus on the throne, king of kings, giving peace sign
upper back opposite side, tarot death card,

my upper back is life and death

center the raven, a salute to baltimore my home and edgar allen poe, one of my favorite short story writers

lower, young bull elephant, is me, I am an elephant at heart

lower right back, pumpkin assasin is the name of the pice, I love halloween and love carving pumpkins and raisning hell

right thigh, zombie of me
outter right thigh, lock and key, with broken lock, we try and keep our loves and treasures locked up, but sometimes they get broken into or stolen

left thigh, traditional family collage, sjull upside down represents my old life turned over, heart is my heart anew, roses are those who prayed me thru my dark life, my mom and grandmom, moths and my children

left thigh outer, gypsy day of dead girl, a gift from a fellow taurus

back of both thighs, sponge bob and patrick star fighting each other


right upper arm, koi rising, my reach for my goals, striving for the best, cherry blossoms, as the samurai, a reminder that life is short and each day a gift

left upper arm, dragon, drgon for me, protector of my family, mountain, mt fuji, highest in japan, old tree, representing knowledge…sometimes by the time we have found it, we are old, our size and strength gone, it is a remider to try and acheive knowledge earlier in my life

right knee, japanese ogre, they have an intersting history and stories behind them
left knee, tibetan skull, there is so much that interests me about the country, the people, the mountains and the hindu religion

my right hip, my gentleman rabbit in a beer,
I am a water rabbit, unusual qualities, one is probably the most empathetic creature on earth, I empathize with people, I made him a gentleman in a beer because I was born a son of a gentleman but I kinda strayed a little, now back on the true path


You have quite a few and all the meanings and stuff behind them are great. The elephant one stuck out to me because my Grandpa was actually highly into Elephants. He had little Elephant figurines everywhere on a little shelf he had.

Very cool though!


thank you,
I could get pieces just for fun, but I had and have so many pieces I want that mean alot to me


Ok mine don’t mean anything so I will make a story up lol

This is to show humans, time and the way technology is heading.

This is computers, future and machines taking over. We are doomed!

The tree and crows symbolise a choice, a path, a fork in the road and crossroads. Which will we choose?!

This reflects the pain and suffering we will endure because of the way we are heading as a race!

This means there is still hope for us as a race!

Hows that? ๐Ÿ™‚


none of my tattoos have any meaning to me whatsoever…


Peterpoose, your tattoos are absolutely amazing and what meanings you came up with actually really work ๐Ÿ˜›

Yoda, well, why not?! J/k, not everyone’s tattoos have meanings behind them. I just know a lot of people get them specifically for meanings and I thought it would be a fun little thread

Mistress_Of_Pain;116557 wrote:
Peterpoose, your tattoos are absolutely amazing and what meanings you came up with actually really work ๐Ÿ˜›

Yoda, well, why not?! J/k, not everyone’s tattoos have meanings behind them. I just know a lot of people get them specifically for meanings and I thought it would be a fun little thread

Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

It is a fun thread!


haha i dunno. my entire back and one entire leg sleeve i had no idea what was going to be done until i got there that day.

mrchen;116541 wrote:
bomb on back of left leg, dropping the bomb (f bomb)

Cool I have a F-bomb tattoo also.

Cause I fucking swear a lot

I have a fish on my right pec as a memorial to my dad.

I have the heat miser and snow miser from a year without a Santa clause because I do heating and A/C

I have the Phantom of the opera because my Great grand father was a writter,director and producer of old movies and this was one that he did.

The rest is just random crap


Well, I have 2 (See ’em in the gallery if you’re not already familiar):

The first, my “Tramp Stamp” that I got for my 50th is thus:

The three roses have multiple symbolism for me: the classic Maiden, Mother, Crone; the Holy Trinity (for my Christian* side); the Threefold Law (for my Pagan side); my parents and I; my wife, child, and myself; the riddle of the Sphinx; male, female, and those who walk in-between. Maybe even “Three Rings for the Elven kings under the sky…” It is, as everything in my life is, dedicated to my patron deity, the Goddess Athena.

The rose itself represents beauty and my quest therefor, the thorns represent the pain I’ve had in my life – as does the black color; but the black and the thorns also indulge my Goth side!

* I hesitate to use the term “Christian” – it is a word with many negative connotations, and certainly NOT used here with the usual meaning. “Pagan/Spiritual follower of the Christ” would be a better term.

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