Does anyone here have a tattoo based on a television show? If so, I’d like to see/hear about it! I’d really like to get a Mad Men tattoo (Draper, smoking.)


I bet you your friends think you’re crazy.


Theres nothing wrong with getting a tv themed tattoo. Just ask yourself what are you going to say in 10 years when someone asks you who it is? Whats the reasoning behind it? And what is going to make it stand the test of time? At the end of the day your going to do what you want. My question is why?


I might consider it if it was a truly classic show. I like The Wire, but I don’t see myself watching it again in 10 or 20 years. Now something like the Twilight Zone is a true classic. They still run marathons at least once a year. Matt Lukesh is doing a Twlight Zone collage on one of his clients that looks pretty cool imho.


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