this would be my first tattoo.
i have been wanting to get this quote by slipknot from there song “snuff”

i only with you weren’t my friend
then i could hurt you in the end

i just need help picking out a font. here are a few fonts i like but i have no idea what they would look like on skin.

also the location, i was thinking about putting it on the back of my right shoulder. anywhere else that this quote might fit better? like i said, im new to the tattoo world so any help is appreciated. thanks


inner bicep? people on here aint to mad on script tattoos either so you probably wont get much feedback .
check http://www.dafont.com out though 1000’s of fonts on there, the calligraphy sections probably your best
bet , ull find one you like in there. good luck dont worry to much it tickles 😉

direct line to the calligraphy section …



i like the inner bicep idea but the font would probably have to be pretty small…but on the fonts my opinion as to the ones i like best are the first one and the last. i think for the quote and meaning you want something a little more rugged like that rather than a nice clean scripty font. and possibly if you wanna go with something a pretty decent sixe your ribs could be a nice place to have it and it could have a nice flow around your side.


thanks guys, and clay, im curious about the tatto in the future. i read that inner biceps can stretch and look bad. im not someone with huge muscles (im 220lbs) just average muscle tone. just want it to look ok when im 30 or 40 yr
and i was leaning torwards the first second and last font too.


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