Hey there,

i have decided i want to get a tattoo, in the memory of my Dog Sammy.
Firstly please don’t comment on that it would be a stupid thing to get a tattoo for a dog or something like that, that is my decision and i stand with it.
I have decided i do not want Sammy just as a name, but much rather i want the meaning of his name in Japanese lettering / symbols.
Sammy comes from the Hebrew of Samson, and means as much as “bright sun”.
Now i need help finding the right wording/lettering/symbols for the tattoo.
I’ve put bright sun through the translator.
It gives me the following: 明るい太陽 personally i don’t like the way it looks to me as there are two complex and three simple symbols in there.
I’ve translated each word by itself and made a list of all translations i found for each word.
Here are the lists for each word.
• 明るい
• 輝かしい
• まぶしい
• 賢い
• 輝いている
• 明朗
• ビビッド
• ブリリアント
• ぱっちり
• さやか
• 燦爛たる
• 出来
• 燦々たる
• 煌々たる
• 艶々
• 艶艶
• 独創性に富む

• 日
• サン
• 陽
• 天日
• 日輪
• 天道
• 御日様
• 天道様
• 輝煌帝

now i do not only want it to look good in that way but of course the meaning needs to be the right one meaning it still supposed to read “bright sun” in when translated.

i think that 明朗陽 looks quite good and according to Google translate it still means Bright sun, but as i do not trust these translators that much i need your help. (This means you can only help if you are Japanese, or can read and write and understand it well or so.

Please help me and feel free to suggest combinations which make sense, which you think look better and still have the same meaning.
This really means a lot to me as i was extremely close to Sammy.
i want to have the tattoo on the underside of my left forearm close to my wrist, and it will not be very big.

I appreciate your help,



If no one else jumps in, I’ll try to get ahold of my brother-in-law or his wife and ask them. Both speak Japanese fluently.


I would really appreciate if you could try 🙂 thanks in advance


Welcome to the forum. What a nice tribute to your fine furry friend. Let us know what you end up choosing. 🙂

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