Hi everybody!
I am from the Maharashtra state of India. One of my subjects in school was Sanskrit, and so I can read & write Sanskrit fluently. Sanskrit is written in Devnagari script.
I often see a lot of Devnagari / Sanskrit lettering tattoos with major grammatical mistakes. The English names, when translated in Devnagari are often faulty. Even the ‘Aum’ is rarely tattooed as it should be. There are also many twin letters in Devnagari script which either can be written by joining two alphabets together or have a dedicated alphabet.
If any of you are interested in tattooing Sanskrit words / phrases / names, I can help you to correctly spell the words
Simply send me the English text & I can forward pdf file in Devnagari Script (I visit this forum once a week, so please expect my reply within a week)

Please view http://www.thetattooforum.com/picture.php?albumid=5226&pictureid=12767

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