Bright Side Tattoo

Please repost!
Someone decided to take my shop name and use it for their fashion/tattoo shop! I have had Bright Side Tattoo for almost 5 years. http://www.brightsidetattoo.com and then i just saw this: http://www.brightsideba…oo-shops-in-baltimore-m They were even my ‘friends’ here on facebook!!! NO way they did not know Bright Side Tattoo exist!! Just want to tell the world how shitty and disrespectful it is!!!! And a lesson learned….Copyright, copyright, copyright!!! There has never been other Tattoo shops than mine called Bright Side Tattoo….Until now…..


Not sure about where you live but in the UK you can buy a LTD company with the name and then it is yours if they haven’t already bought it.

Also you could try buying the domain names.

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