I thought I posted this last week. Wondered why I got no replies!

So I’ll try again.

I have no tattoos but I know what I want.

It’s a large upper back piece. I suspect it will take a while to do.

There are a quite a few good tattooists near home. However there are some really sensational artists an hour+ drive away.

I have always said quality is everything but this needs to be weighted against the practicality.

For example, can you drive after having a fresh back piece done?

Your thoughts and opinions appreciated.


If the right artist for the piece is 1 hour or 1 day’s drive away, go for it. Sure you can drive with a fresh back piece. Bring some Tylenol. 😀


i drove 6hrs to my appointment, started at 6pm, finished at 5am and drove back home another 6hrs. and next day i flew another hour to get work from another artist. so yeah…

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Not sure how comfortable you’d be driving after having had a back piece done, but it’s not impossible.

I will travel however far I need to go to get the work done by the person I would like to do it. I had a short train journey and a 30 min walk to get my upper back done. My thigh was train, a walk through London, another train – about 3 hours in total each way.

Personally, I would get the work done by the guy that is the best – you are unlikely to regret it.


Ive seen people fly from australia to atlanta,
one is hour is nothing,
your lucky to have someone so close,
Ive driven 300 miles after 15 hours work, you do what you have to do,
if your session is real long you will be delerious and numbed by that time, sitting in a car for a hour wrapped in plastic wont be that bad,
go for quality, not conveinience, you will be much happier

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am

I live in the middle of the UK so im lucky enough to be within a few hours of anywhere in the country and theres nowhere I would consider too far in this country to travel for a tattoo! Most artists worth travelling for will have huge waiting lists anyway which gives you plenty of time to save for a hotel if you dont want to drive back after!


I drive from the UK to Poland for my sessions. Going this Sunday again. When I get back in July I will be driving to the Ukraine. So yes you can drive 🙂

A map I have made of great artists around the world – http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/

One hour drive isn’t bad. I’ve driven 1 hour plus for both my tattoos. It’s worth it.