So when I was about 16 years old I got a tattoo from a friend of a friend who could do tattoos. I got the inside writing which means “Family” in Arabic, well about six months later I thought I should get something around it to make it look “cooler”. I wasn’t really thinking, and ended up getting that shit around it haha.
(sorry about the poor quality, you can see the minor scarring from the laser surgery and it is almost grey in color now instead of a dark black)

Once I turned 18 I decided I might as well get the part on the outside removed and the inside as well since it’d cost the same. After about 6 months I realized this laser thing is going nowhere and I am just going to cut my losses and stop trying to get it removed.

What I want to get is the Islam Crescent and Moon. My mother and father are both Islamic and it is a very meaningful symbol to us. Here is a link to the picture.

What my hope was is to somehow make the inside of the crescent cover up the tattoo I have already or do the crescent and keep the family and have the crescent go around the inside so that instead of the whole moon being filled in, part would have the Arabic family symbol in it (I’d get the inside redone to look a bit better). I’d also like it to be semi artistic and not just be the plain symbol.

My question is if you think I would even be able to fit the crescent and moon? I would obviously make it so that it would go from the bottom of my forearm where the veins are above to the top of my forearm. If any of you have any advice or pictures of other people who have gotten the crescent and moon I’d love to see them. Thanks so much and I hope you guys can assist me in fixing my tattoo.


the best person to ask is a professional tattoo artist, they have the skills and knowledge to cover this piece and to create custom body fitting art from your ideas,
I would choose the best artist you can find and go see him, tip him a few bucks if you like or show up with a gift, sit down take some time and get this designed properly……….so you can wear a beautiful piece honoring your family once and for all………….its a shame, its all in the artist

see me new thread

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am
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