I’m wanting to get a new piece of work on my back shoulder but i’m not too sure what i should get. I want to get a piece to say “fuck you, i made it” as a personal trophy because all my life my parents did nothing but put me down and restrict me and i am now out on my own and heading for nothing but success. If anyone can think of any good words/picture ideas to kind of symbolize this because i don’t want to actually have the word fuck on my skin…

any ideas?

Dance Another Day

How about the quote:

“I am the hero of my own story”
Basically, it means that you control your own destiny and no matter the influences around you, you’re the only one with the power/control to succeed.

As for a design, I’m not sure 🙂


Screw the text. Text is the new tramp stamp or tribal. A word is worth one word. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Do an image search on google for perseverance. You should find plenty of inspiration.


Actually, a lotus is a perfect image because it grows out of the mud and the filth and becomes a beautiful flower. Bam. Perseverance.

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