While I have seen coloured tattoo’s previously, most of the colours aren’t exactly bright and don’t really have that ‘pop’ that I would like them to.

I’m presently planning my fifth tattoo (all my others are black and grey) and it is going to be a human heart sketch, this one:


With the words “not today” positioned near it, I am yet to decide where exactly. Anyway, I want the heart to be done in
this colour, or something a little lighter:


My only concern is that the colour won’t turn out as well as I expect it to. I know over time it’ll fade somewhat
but initially I’d like for it to really pop. I have fairly white skin naturally so it should work, but I haven’t
really seen all that many tattoo’s that have blue in them, or are solely blue.

Thanks team!

Original six

Check out my sleeve album, there’s some blue in that


eternal has a blue that shade, may check out my work by josh woods, plenty of popping color

I dont think black and grey has anywhere near the impact of color,

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am

A lot of this comes down to skin tone, texture, and hue. If you’re tattooing paper-like, soft, supple skin, the color is going to pop more than on course darker skin.

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