Hello everyone. I am looking for some artistic direction. I usually consider myself to be pretty artistic. However i’m searching for some input, an outside view if you will. for my next few tattoos. I have most of them drawn out, however i find myself stuck on placement, or how to blend them together. Ill start out by saying this is mostly for my back and sides, Not against covering the shoulders either. I want my back to represent a timeline of my life. starting from the right rib cage area going to the left rib cage area. The top middle of my back has my last name tattoo’d on it in a semi tribal design i drew. I guess what im asking is some help on ideas of ways to tie these things together. Starting, when i was 5 i was diagnosted a type 1 diabetic. So of coarse i’d like to have a symbol for diabetes. Second, lost my mother at age 6. So i would like to include a heart i drew for her. Its maybe 3″x3″. next I raced BMX for many years, almost went pro before i ended my career by breaking my knee. So i’ve draw a set of handlebars that i would like to have on me as well. it is another small drawing maybe 2″x2″. After this i have draw a switch box. By switchbox i mean for air suspension. a 10 switch box. Id like for this to be more in the middle of my lower back (tramp stamp) area if possible. Moving from that i have a son who is now 2 years old. I’d like his initials which I have not drawn up yet. They are B.R.F. after that, I drew a frog sitting on some lilly pads, the lilly pads break away into stars. This is on my left rib cage already. This tattoo is for my fiance. that is all i have for now. The only other thing i want to include is i’m going to have a tattoo machine under my last name in the middle of my back, it will look like the machine tattoo’d the name in my skin. This is because i am currently working thru my apprenticeship and trying hard to become a tattoo artist. If anyone could throw out some suggestions on a way to tie all these things together i would greatly appreciate it.

Ill simplify this again

Entire back and side area.
Middle of my back has my last name from blade to blade.
My left rib cage area has the frog and stars.
I want to start from my right rib cage and work around my back ending back at the name in the top center.
Diabetic symbol 3″x3″
heart 3″x3″
bike handlebars 2″x2″
initials (B.R.F.) 2″x3″
frog. Its bigger like palm size.

The only other thing i can think of is i love music, so music notes would be great to mix in the pieces. I would also like to have an hour glass on me at some point. Time is always tight for me in life.
Thank you so much in advance for the opinions!!!!!!


i think that is an awful lot of very very different things and im just not sure that they will all work together in the way that you propose, also it doesnt make sense to do a timeline across your back and then go from right to left in terms of time because then it means that you are going back in time, as traditionally things are read left to right, not right to left… to be honest i would just search for an artist with a style you really admire, say all the things that mean something to you and allow them to come up with a workable concept. it is their job after all ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck x


there is no better way to work this out than to go talk to your artists of choice, he is an expert at design, placement, color, line weights, light sourcing and no one could do a better job


After spending some more time in the shop, and talking with the artist that is leading my apprenticeship. I have decided that im going to try and work all these things into my left arm. to make them blend as a sleeve. We have been working out a style. Him and myself are drawing it up. I will try to get pics posted up once we begin the tattoo. Thanks for your guys opinions ๐Ÿ™‚

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