Been thinking recently about the tattoos I’ve got planned over the next year or so and I’m unsure of wether I should stick to just one theme allover (I’m having predominantly nautical work) or if other themes can work together on the same “canvas”.

For example, I’ve got a nautical half sleeve planned starting early June, swallows on my chest in 2 weeks and maybe a giant squid on one of my calves but I really like biomech work and would love a bio piece at some point.

Do you think it would look out of place against the nautical stuff?


I wear a good bit, 244 hours, I have all different kinds of work (it is in my album)
I dont think it makes a difference, I wouldnt be comfortable just keeping to one or even two themes, there is too much stuff I like,
tattoo artists tell me it doesnt matter, my friends say it doesnt matter, but yes I have had a stranger ask me why………………..why because I want too

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