I’m a first timer with tattoos and was wondering about procedure when you first step into a shop.

I have the design I’m interested in printed out as a reference, and I know for safety and quality to ask to review portfolios, if they have someone who specializes in the type of design I’m looking for, if they use disposable needles and tubes, autoclave equipment/spore tests, work areas and sterilization methods, if they have blood borne pathogens training, estimated time frame for the tattoo, making appointments, deposits, and cost.

What is the proper “first things first” process the moment you walk in a shop? Since I’ve never did this, do you just go in and just say you’re interested a tattoo, here is my idea, where are the portfolios and how do you sterilize, your certifications and qualifications? I’m traveling Wednesday and want to stop by a handful of shops and wanted to know if there is an “etiquette” to approaching these topics or what an artist comes to expect from a new person stopping in?


Pretty much, I wouldn’t worry about sterilisation questions, until you decide, this is the place for you. Qualifications are irrelevent.


yup, walk in and say I wanna tattoo,
I would spend as much time as you can looking at artist portfolios on line, try to get your choices narrowed down to maybe two artists, then visit,
if you ave chosen a nationally known name you will not have to worry about sterilization, I have never seen one of these nationally recognized talents that needed tips on safety.

they will ask you what you are looking for, you are going to tell them you have an idea and need to sit with artist so and so, you guys will talk about your idea, your reference and see if this artist is interested in doing your piece, they generally like to design what they are going to tattoo themselves, with your ideas


What I did was narrow down a couple artists I wanted to go look at. I then went to two different shops and got their ideas on the design I brought in to them and then decided whose interpretation I liked best and it also helped to know the cost of both places. It really depends on the portfolio of the artists you look at and which one appeals to you most. So first step is definitely to look at portfolios.

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