Hey guys, I’m new here. I’m looking to get my second tattoo. I want to get something to represent my two brothers and I. I am 18 and they are significantly older than I am, 38 and 40. They have been influencing everything from my music choices to my morals since I was born. I really have no idea what I could possibly get but here are a few things connecting us:

We’re all Italian

One is named Peter Joseph, one is named Joseph Peter, and my name is Nicholas Joseph with my confirmation name being Peter

We have a lot of the same music interests

One of them is a police officer and the other has been in the medical field his entire life so maybe that could be incorporated?

Like I said I don’t have any solid ideas and I’m open to suggestions to get my mind rolling.



Can you think of any symbols or images to represent your relationship?

If not, you could do some kind of portrait of the three of you.. But idk


One of them also really enjoyed fishing and loved sharks. The other played the drums and still does occasionally if that could be incorporated in any way.

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