Hi everyone- this is my 1st post on here- I am getting my 10th tattoo soon, but this one will be my 1st quote. I have known 100% for almost 2 years what quote I am using.

Here is my question:
Would you also have the name of the person that wrote/ said the quote added on? I haven’t decided…I’m leaning towards yes b/c of my respect for the author.

Thanks in advance!:D


I would just use the quotation marks instead of the author but that of course is a personal preference. Whatever your feelin on that one. I don’t know how popular your quote is but it’s possible many may know who said it already w/o you having to add the authors name. If it’s a matter of respect to you then throw it on there. Good luck!


I am one of the many members on here that doesnt like text or quotes,
I dont believe their are any words by anyone that deserve to be quoted on your 100% original body,
my thoughts and words will always been represented in pictures,

but if you are set on a quote, for gods sake no name, no one deserves to be named on your skin, no one is that important

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am

And I’m one of the freaks who likes quotes. 😉

However, Mr. Chen is right. It’s the sentiment that you want to capture, and while you should always credit the writer if asked, it would appear to be some bizarre form of hero worship to put the name on there. Don’t do it – You’re not intending plagiarism.

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