I just got tatted about a month ago for the first time. I was lucky enough to know someone that is a family friend who is an incredibly talented tattoo artist. I decided ultimately to get my owl and moon lady tattoo.

I started working as a night cancer nurse about 7 months ago and I grew really close to an end stage lung cancer patient that was only 42 years old with a family back home in Oklahoma. She taught me to look at the positive aspects of life…even if nothing seems to be looking up for you. Every night I’d walk into her room, she’d great me with a smile and a story to tell. I promised her, every night, that even if I wasn’t taking care of her that night, that I’d be sure to stop by and see her every morning after my shift to catch up. Well, this patient ended up going home to Hospice with her family to be comfortable and pass away at home. Time had passed and I decided, out of the blue, one day (about a month or so later) that I would go online and see if there was an obituary of her to see if she passed. It had happened to be THE day she passed away that I decided to look her up. It was a real strange feeling that went throughout my body. I felt like she was there with me letting me that she was ok and in a better place.

I felt incredibly proud of myself at that moment. Proud of what I do as a nurse, and how I have empowered cancer patients in their long and draining journey- even if they don’t life to see 50. So that’s where my leg tattoo came about. I got my owl tattoo to represent overseers of night and protectors of all souls and death. I thought it was incredibly fitting for me at this point in my life and I love to look at it in the mirror every day.

Hope you all enjoyed my story and it inspired you in your tattoo decision making.

Comments appreciated!


and if anyone was wondering…it’s on my left upper thigh


Can anyone tell me how much this will cost its going to be my first tattoo



Great story, thanks for sharing! As for the tattoo, its ok. But as long as you like it, thats all that matters.


great story, I like a good story behind a tattoo

thread jacker assault, a piece like you are thinking of getting could cost $40 in a trailer to $400 for a really good local text and lettering specialist………….I would suggest you choose a good artist, then get a price and pay what they want


Great and inspiring story. Nurses sometimes have a thankless job. You seem like one of the compassionate ones! Congrats on your tattoo, by the way! :):):)

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