So am going in on Thursday to get my tattoo and have been take Vicodin for a week or so now when I go into get my tattoo should I not be take any ? Should I stop a couple days in advance or just the dayor hours am get it at 3 oclock? And an get a cheats price with the words king to be how long does it usually take to do this lol just a little neveis cuz it is my first tattoo and I also hear the cheast is one of the worst because it hurts


The assumption is that this been prescribed by your Doctor. Unless your doctor has instructed you that you can stop taking it when you feel like it, you will need to consult your doctor.
As to the pain there are many on this site, that their chest has been their first tattoo and I’m pretty certain they have not been on pain killers. Aspirin thins the blood, so does alcohol so neither should be taken before a tattoo. The chest is not the most pleasant place to start, as you will think all tattoos are that bad, then again it’s more than bearable.


You don’t simply stop a proscribed drug regimen set my a doctor. You need to ask THEM if it’s okay to stop or not, and definitely not get tattooed without knowing for sure if it’s okay or not.


Yea im gonna go with Arni on this one. Much better to be safe then sorry. Your tattoo will always be there for you to get.


How lucky for you to have the friendly tattooed nurse available. 😉

Vicodin is just hydrocodone and APAP (more commonly known stateside as Tylenol). Tylenol is the only NSAID that doesn’t have blood-thinning properties – Narcotics like hydrocodone have no impact on clotting factors.

Why did your doctor prescribe Vicodin? If you’ve had recent surgery (including oral surgery), wait a couple months until it’s healed before adding another open wound to your body.


There’s no need to stop it as Vicodin will not cause any problems in regards to the tattoo process.

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