My answer is no. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with it – I 100% am. But I look back at the steps leading up to the tattoo, and then in hindsight wonder what my tattoo would be if I knew then what I know now.

There’s a reason my eagle is old school and fairly simple. I may have always wanted that first tattoo, but the reality is I barely planned it for a week. I get to Hawaii to visit my daughter (a 2 week trip), then we talk about that first tattoo we always wanted to get togther. We research and find a well respected tattoo artist on the island of Oahu. We go to the shop at the end of my first weeks visit, and we make an appointment for the following week. We get the tattoos done the night (4PM appt) before I go home. The artist did what I asked him to do. But I never gave him a chance to do anything intricate. He knew I was coming in the night before I left, and that only gave him a couple of hours to tattoo me. No 2nd sitting – had to be done in that time frame. So he drew up something that could be done in that time frame.

I really love my 1st tattoo, but now that I’ll be getting a 2nd one with tons of planning and no real time limits, my expectations are for a much more detailed tattoo.


i can say yes i did. i first had the idea in my head when i was 18 and looked around for a good shop and by time i was 21 i still loved the idea and finally got it from a shop i think im sticking with for a long time. i am gonna b dedicated to this artists for a while.


I soooooo knew what I wanted, a Freddie Mercury tattoo, (I love Freddie Mercury with a PASSION) and planned it for a year. During that time I scoured through photographs to determine which one I’d like to use for my tattoo and searched out artists, researched everything about tattoos, tattoo shops etc, and I read forums etc. I wanted to know what to expect and I wanted to make sure I was giving my self the best chance possible to end up with a tattoo I would be happy with. Now I have my second one and I hope to someday get a third! I planned my second one out as well and I used the same artist as my first. I’m really happy with him. ๐Ÿ™‚


My first one was not particularly well-planned. I love cherry blossoms, and one day I simply got up the moxie to stumble in to a tattoo parlor. The second one was a bit more planned.


my first tattoo was when i was 16. i have had it covered up since. not well thought out but i liked it at the moment and i still like it.


No i decided in under 3minutes and got it done when i was 14 in a garage my a old man covered in tattoo’s who stopped to roll a cigerette every two minutes whilst not changing he’s gloves once.


I wouldn’t say perfectly, but I planned it as far as I could, then took it to an apprentice that did his thing with it. I’m very happy with the outcome, though, so it’s ‘perfect’ in that sense ๐Ÿ™‚


Hardly at all. I was 18 or 19 when I first thought about getting a tattoo, but it wasn’t until I just before my 20th birthday, that I decided to get a present for myself. My best friend and I had both been away at University at the opposite sides of the country and when she called to say she was getting a new tattoo and would I like to go and get one too, I jumped at the chance.

I can remember looking at all the flash art on the wall while she was in the chair. I decided on a simple tribal style dragon on the right side of my lower back. It was a very hot day; although I don’t recall it being painful, I did feel faint half way through!

I remember driving home, knowing that I would get more one day. Little did I know it would take 13 years and a near miss with an Tigger tattoo ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t regret it as it was what I wanted at the time, but I do wish it was more artistic.


Well I guess I cant really join this conversation as I only just got my first tat aged 40. I think I am sort of glad I waited as I researched for like 6 months basically choosing top artists that were accessible to me.


I planned as well as I could have considering my limited knowledge at the time but I would have done things a little differently had I known what I do now. At least nothing needed covering and overall I’m still pleased. Unlike other people I’ve learned from experience and can make better decisions about current and future tattoo plans and artist choices.


got my first tattoo last tuesday for my 18th birthday started out big but i love it at least so far ๐Ÿ˜› had been planning it out with my artist for about 4 months so when i finally got it done it was amazing1


i planned mine since i was 13 and then when i was 24 i went and got something different lol im still “planning my first tattoo” technically, because other things have cropped up since and i want my “first tattoo” (not literally obviously but mentally) to be perfection which i why i am waiting on bez ๐Ÿ™‚

unfortunately my real first tattoo, was ok this is def what i want to start, thought i had found a decent place, and then he fucked it up and i had it gone over after 3 months while getting me 2nd from and entirely different artist, who i then discovered is also pretty average lol im happy with the work as it stands, but from now on i wont settle for anything less than superb on my skin ๐Ÿ™‚

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