I am in my early 20’s and considering getting my first tattoo. I searched for symbols of overcoming adversity and found the lotus flower.(Common I know.) I loved the meaning of the lotus flower, and feel that it represents my life and all that I have overcome. I want my first tattoo to be a reminder of my inner strength and I want to smile when I see it everyday. I don’t want to get a tattoo for the sake of getting one, although I have nothing against folks who get tatts for those reasons.

Due to the meaning of the tattoo, I am pretty confident that I won’t regret it, but getting a tattoo is a major decision. I’ve been looking through pictures of lotus flowers and found several that I like. I am going to post my favorite picture somehwere where I can see it everday, then sit on the idea for a year or more.

I just hope that I am going about this in the right way. Oh, and I’d get the tattoo in a place that can be easily covered if needed. In addition to the lotus I may incoporate the a quote from May It Be a song by Enya “When the night is overcome, you may rise to find the sun.” To me, that means that things will always get better, even if you don’t think they will, and that song has helped me through some difficult times.

Were you stressed when you were considering your first tattoo?


I’m stressed when I consider every tattoo, but that’s just part of my personality. I agonize over big decisions and research them to death, whether it be a tattoo, new car, etc. It’s a good idea to sit on the idea for awhile. If you still like the idea in 6-12 months, go for it. Avoid the quote though and see the article in my sig for the reasons why. Also, make sure you choose the right artist. While you’re waiting to see if you still like this idea in X months, research artists. And then once you find one you like, contact them and find out how far out they;re booked. It might be a month or it might be a year. If you let us know where you live, someone can probably recommend an artist or two. It takes a lot of the pressure off to KNOW that you have a great artist.


I was stressed trying to narrow down which picture I wanted to use for my tattoo (I liked so many!). I was also new to the whole tattoo thing, so, I was very stressed picking out an artist and reading up on everything so I could be as educated as possible. Turns out I was very happy with the artist and the pic I chose. In fact, it all turned out just as I had imagined it would. It took about a year doing my research and choosing my pic and then finally getting the tattoo. My second tattoo has been in the works for about a year now as well and I am about to schedule that very soon! Your ideas sound very nice and I’m sure you will find an artist who can put it all together just the way you envision it. If you really want a tattoo, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. I spent months listening to all the negative stuff from friends and relatives. I had almost no support, but I’m glad I did it. I love my tattoo & I enjoy looking at it every chance I get and when I feel like showing it, I do. If you are interested, I have a few little video clips of my tattoo experience up on youtube. You can take a peek (they are short) at: youtube.com/msmercuryrising

You’ll have to scroll down a ways. I have added a lot of new videos since those were uploaded. I also put together a sequence of still photos.

Hope all goes well with yours and do let us know when you get it and post pics!:)


Sounds like you’re going about it exactly the right way 🙂

Yes, I endured a lot of stress making the final decision whether to go through with it or not, as well as trying to find artists, researching ideas etc, very glad I did now!

The only thing I would add is that I’d lose the text, the flower symbolises the words anyway by rising to the sun.
There was a superb link posted here yesterday from an artists perspective as to why text isn’t a great idea for a tattoo, would be well worth a read (here you go, found it CLICKY but read the full article that it links too)

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

From the Urban dictionary

Tattoo design, any design, CLICK HERE

Morwin Nerdbane

I don’t really get stressed about my choices. I’m in my sort of early 20’s too (24) but I feel like I know my mind. The only times I have been anxious is after I went to a terrible “artist” (didn’t do my research) and had to have the tats re-done then when I had to find another artist I was terrified about their ability even after looking at their portfolios.

My only advice is really research your artist. If you’re worried or have questions go down to a shop you’re interested in and ask to watch your artist of choice do a piece, the woman I go to atm offers to do that.It makes the idea of getting a tattoo more real and gives you the chance to ask as many questions as you like.

Flower tats are timeless and will always be beautiful so def a good call for your first as for the script, ask them to draw you up some ideas.

With tats it’s always easier to add some than to take some off 😀

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