ok so i work with children & right now my work place has a policy about keeping all tattoos covered, but the commity who runs my place of work are going to discuss this policy weather to take it out or keep in & every one at work has been asked to write a little about their feelings about this & why it should be taken out or kept in. so i want to obviously get rid of the policy. so my question is what can i say to try & convince the commity about taking it out? my place of work is a very muti cultural so we have staff coming in with mendi & children come in with the rub on tattoos.
so far i have if the tattoo is not offensive & that the dress code is followed,
thanks for any help


Times have changed, once it was just Criminals and sailors who had tattoos, now a large percentage of the community is tattooed, from emergency services to office workers. Does your company want to be seen t be a progressive company being able to attract the best workers, or just those that are not tattooed, or prepared to cover them up. Finding good employees is difficult, why reduce your number of potential employees.


It depends upon the exact policy that is currently in place when you are trying to draft your argument, but I am assuming it is a “no visible tattoos” policy. So for the sake of argument, you can go about it a few ways:

As stated above, you could cite studies that show almost two-thirds of the US population ages 18-39 have at least one tattoo. That’s a large pool of potential candidates to exclude. Now, not all of those are going to be visible, but it still can make for an uncomfortable workplace when employees feel they have to hide them or face consequences.

As an alternative, you could propose a compromise to the committee. Maybe state that visible tattoos be allowed as long as they do not fall into certain categories or parts of the body. I am in a position where I make hiring decisions, and there are certain people I would not hire if they had certain tattoos or if they were in certain places, such as on the neck or face, or even on the hands. Those can still have some negative conotations in society, and these people are representing my business and my brand. That being said, anything on the arms, shoulders, or legs I would consider as acceptable if visible, but they could not be offensive or otherwise potentially disrupting to my business.

I think that being in a role where you work with children could make some parents uncomfortable if a fully head to toe tattooed person was taking care of their child, so you need to be cognizant of that. But, I think that by offering your employer a responsible alternative policy that allows them to still be able to determine if a person’s look is acceptable, but still leaves visible tattoos as accetptable, would show that you respect and understand the needs of your employer while embracing the diversity and indivdualism of the population at large.

Does that make sense?

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