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I’m getting a sleeve next week and i want some text in it. Now i got two quotes, but i’m not sure if it’s proper english. So i hope someone can give me the answer!

Here are the quotes

1. Music speaks what cannot be expressed
2. Music expresses that which cannot be said

Now what one do you like more or is proper english?

Hope to hear from you

Inked Up

Nobody that has a answer?


If these are the real quotes, then why would you change them?

Inked Up

Because I want to be sure that’s it’s proper english. I don’t want a wrong written text on my body.


I’m no english teacher but they both seem fine to me


It doesn’t matter, to me they’re both too long and proper to include in a tattoo anyway.


i assume when you say quotes you mean you are quoting yourself and these are the 2 variations you have come up with. the second one is better english, it makes more sense in terms of sentence structure (im about to finish an english degree) where are you planning to put it?

nothing wrong with text tattoos!!!


In my opinion I’m ok with text within a tattoo if the few words are short and simple and compliment or enhance the accompanying image in some way. I dont like (most) stand alone text tattoos or if the text is too long or wordy. Long fancy quotes, poems, song lyrics, etc., just don’t work for me as tattoos. Obviously many disagree and that’s cool too.


I’m from London.

The second one makes total sense.

As for the first it works better in the completed lyrics…

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”


I like number 2 better. Both are grammatically fine, I just like number 2 better and I think it expresses the sentiment better and it is a bit more poetic and it just flows & sounds better. 🙂


I believe that they are both grammatically ok. I too like the second one better. When I read the first one, my initial reaction (until I reread it) was what are they saying. After a reread that too makes perfect sense.


No one is going to laugh as it’s very strange unlike some Kanji that Westerners are wearing, that most probably says their mother is a goat. Whichever one you prefer go for it. Just a hint don’t get the text to small or it ‘smudge’ over time


It’s odd that I read this one after just reading page after page of debate about text and tattoos.

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