Great blog article from Seppuku Tattoo on why NOT to get a text tattoo with loads of text. They do a great job of giving plenty of logical reasons why it’s a bad idea, rather than simply saying ‘it’s not art’ (though that reason is listed also).

I’m taking the time to blog about all text tattoos due to the overwhelming amount of lettering we’re doing. We often turn down requests for massive amounts of type & I wanted to spell out our very concrete reason as to why that is. This isn’t to discourage anyone from getting tattooed, but rather to look at the broad picture & to help make better tattoo choices.

I realize its a current fad to get scads of text, we see it all the time. And it drives us crazy. Below are bullet points of why.

Full article


Great article, cheers

Could do with that link being a sticky

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

From the Urban dictionary

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