Hi 🙂 I’m 21 and Im thinking about getting my first tattoo. My boyfriend I’ve had since I was 16 suggested we get matching ones and I’m into that idea. Problem is were having trouble coming up with a good idea. Obviously has to be meaningful nothing cute or corny. We want something to show how strong our love is and that we’ve been able to over come so much in our lives because of each other. Do any of you creative people have suggestions? And if it helps, we’re both big hunters lol. Also not sure where to get it put at either.


There is one problem I have with people getting matching tattoos, what if something takes a turn for the worst and you’re stuck with a tattoo that reminds you of a person you once loved. However, if you’re stuck with the idea of getting the same ink, make sure to chose an artist who can provide a quality piece. As far as ideas go, this sounds to be such a personal tattoo between the two of you that it needs to be decided by the both of you as well. There are many pictures, themes, and ideas that symbolize love and strength, but I feel that something personal would be the best route. Hopefully I have helped.




I’m kidding of course, but I did want to encourage you to avoid identical tattoos. You can get matching/compementary tats, but avoid getting the same exact tats. Find a good artists and let them offer some suggestions. If you tell us where you live, maybe someone can recommend someone.

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I’m kidding of course

I don’t see why “of course”… I love those matching Hello Kitty’s 😀

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I would love to get those hello kitty tattoos with my wife, she’s Asian too so it would suit her yellow tan.

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i agree, i dont think i would get a matching tattoo, i have lots of things that symbolise my love for my family and my husband but i dont do names or matching tatts etc because you just never know, we have been together nearly 8 years, lived together for 7, met at 17, married for 2 etc etc but there are so many things that could go wrong in the course of a relationship that could bring back painful memories if there were a tattoo reminder. maybe get different things that symbolise your relationship instead?

of course if you want matching tattoos its really none of our business, just our own personal opinions 🙂 x


I personally don’t like the idea of matching tattoos.

Your love could last forever, but you are only at the beginning of the road with an unknown future. Tattoos are permanent, and a tattoo tied to a relationship today may be a bad memory tomorrow.


i have a matching tattoo i got with my husband for our anniversary last year. However we didnt find a tattoo to get together, it just happened that we both wanted the same one (Deathly Hallows symbol) It reminds me of that day, that we both have the same tattoo, but in the unlikely event that we split up, i still have a tattoo that i got for a passion of mine, not for a person.

Why not both get tattoos, but ones you want rather than something just because it fits. Plus im a bit superstitious about tattoos FOR a relationship/lover