I’m looking at getting a tattoo of my daughter on my chest and i really love the picture and style.. my tattoo artist said he would tattoo it on me and put a scoll with her name in it and flowers around it but afew pics have said its a stupid idea because ppl will think my daughter has died 🙁 which obvs she is very much alive 😛

heres her pic let me know what you think .. cheers

so it would be on my chest in black and white with flowers and her name 🙂



ah she’s a cutie! hte hand could look odd if the tattoo composition isnt spot on so just be aware of that, otherwise get whatever you think will do your gorgeous girl justice. people will always have a different interpretations of your tattoos than you regardless what you get so i really wouldnt worry too much 🙂 what kind of flowers? i think you need something very slight and delicate for this kind of pic. i hope your artist is very good with portraits! x


I would do it black and grey, my whole right pec, over my heart with nothing added

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am
mrchen;104761 wrote:
I would do it black and grey, my whole right pec, over my heart with nothing added

I think I agree with this, especially the “nothing added.” Don’t distract from the portrait.


i agree with the above, she’s pretty enough without flowers

and also what kitkat said, the hand is in an odd position, could you try to get a pic without the hand?

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