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Hi folks im new to the forum. The reason iv joined is that iv had a tattoo started (outlined) and the guy that did it preeched about using genuine “true” ink that isnt watered down and the likes…. so here i am 3 months on from getting it and although i never went back to him to get it filled the outline is starting to fade….its a large one off tribal design that was created by both me and the guy that did the outline…. it starts on the right of my chest continues across my shoulder, shoulder blade, latt and ribs….. so my query is this…. iv a different guy lined up ta fill it and he said i can supply ink for the filling but i want the ink to be solid black… as in as black as black can be WHAT INK SHOULD I GET?????…. i need advise big time so any help would be great… The forum looks the business guys fair play….


why is your “artist” asking you to supply your own ink?!? tbh buddy it sounds to me like you need to find a proper artist in a proper licenced shop somewhere who will already have the best possible ink if they are any good at their jobs.lots of people on here will be ableto point you in the direction of a decent artist who can fix this for you if you let us know where in the world you are, good luck x


If your artist is asking you to supply your own ink you need to stay well away from that artist.


A tattooist that wants his client to supply the ink should not be tattooing anything.. not even practice skins.

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