There are three variations of the tattoo so which do you like best? What parts do you dislike and think I should get rid off or think I should add (they still have a little editing to be done but I don’t want to make them all perfect to only use one version..) I don’t care about the tribal look being out of style cause no matter what is in style its not gonna be in style for the rest of my life and its not like I can change it later on so aside from the style..

Reason behind:
lion- im a leo
phoenix- i just like them
quote – its part of a song that means something to me
leo symbol in the mane – its the leo symbol and it also forms JL which is my husbands initials and he’s also a leo





most folk are not big fans of the tribal look aymore, it was a big fad in tattoo that has since faded away,

i would like to see you get a nice tattoo of a lion and incorporate some other symbolism to personalize the piece. your artist of choice could draw this up for you, they are experts at taking our ideas and putting them on paper (then body)

i am not a fan of text, i just dont feel there is anyone worth quoting permenantly on my body, but i feel this could be expressed another way in symbolism within the tattoo,

jusy my 2 cents,

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currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am

I really dislike the blending of these things, and don’t see how any of them could work like that. If you want to get the lion, get the lion, but don’t drag the phoenix into it.

That text could never, ever work in a tattoo, unless you made the lion’s head the size of your entire back.. which I seriously hope you’re not contemplating.

As for the tribal aspect, are you really sure that’s what you like? There are SOOO many SOOO much better lion tattoos out there.

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yea none of those would be good tattoos. if the tribal look is what you want i would consider giving your artist some freedom in the piece and let him design it for you (if hes a good artist).


They are horrible but whatever you like at the end of the day.

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wouldnt really get any of those tatted on me but If I had to chose It would be the 2nd one..


Oh I just threw up in y mouth a little bit


i have to agree with the boys for once im afraid, sorry babe but they’re just not good :S

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