I’m a little torn about my tattoo design ideas. There are three things I know for sure:

1. I want a feather pen design.
2. I want to include the text: “Jeremiah 29:11-14” and “Regardless”
3. I want it to be on my ankle/calf area- more towards my ankle.

However, there’s still a lot of freedom with those basic parameters.

On one hand, I would love a basic black/grey or possibly dark purple design: something very simple with just a feather pen and the text. However, I’ve fallen in love with this other design involving a peacock feather, roses, honeysuckle, and a color scheme that stems from my birthstones (pearl and alexandrite).

Of course, I am aware that such a complicated design is probably better suited for another area of my body: especially with all of the elements involved in such a small area. The white flowers in the more complex design also have me concerned.

I’ve heard of people who come to regret their tattoos because they took the simple/safer route instead of taking a risk. At the same time, something too big and bold goes against my personality. I’m just not quite sure what to do.

(While typing this, I did consider going with the basic feather design, but with a green and purple feather to represent Alexandrite. I might have to accept that adding colors that represent pearls might be going a bit too far).

Alexandrite color inspiration:



of course we want you to get something that you will be real happy with, but we also must consider what looks good as a tattoo, it isnt a painting or drawing, simple is easy to see, detail in too small a space disappears into a blob of color from 10 feet away,

best bet, go work on that design with your artist of choice, once you see a sketch you like you will have a better idea of how big an area you would need to donate to that piece, big is good,

this piece should be very feminine and have soft colors, I dont think a piece along these lines done large would hurt your femininity, but yup, that will be your final decision, good luck

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