I’m switching Tattoo artists for my next tat (or reverting). The guy I’m going to is one Who did my first 3 tats. The reason I’m switched originally was simply because of his hours. He’s very had to get into. The reason I’m switching back is more a customer service issue than anything.

So here is the question and reason for the thread.

Does anyone know of or about any really REALLY good tattoo artists in Montreal or anywhere East of that in Canada? The guy I’m going to is really well known in the area and has a great rep, but as I was considering it I was looking around a bit and found practically nothing online and going from shops web site to web site (if they even have one) is way too time consuming.


Here’s a link to a bunch of artists from all over the world, including some from different parts of Canada. Maybe it will help.


Opus;93574 wrote:
Who did my first 3 tats.

May we see these tattoos that you speak of? This is a tattoo forum after all. Thank you for your cooperation.


I will ask around here. I think one of the big local shops here had a guest artist from somewhere around Montreal not too long ago.


Here is the best tattoo artist in the Brampton, Canada. If you want to get a new, creative and unique tattoo for your body then you can easily visit at the tattoo shop[/url] I hope there’s artists are very nice and able to custom any ideas in to the tattoo.


Choosing the artist often depends on the art style you want, what are you looking to get ?

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